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  1. naomi faith


    I see this in the news again. Its an anti-acne treatment that allegedly causes suicides. When I was on it, it "saved my life" My acne was awful and depressing, it sorted it out. I never felt suicidal on it
  2. naomi faith

    Bisexual New Member

    You're living the dream
  3. naomi faith

    Dates a transgender woman!

    Some males think their straight when they date trans. Too many labels
  4. naomi faith

    LGBTQ Challenges!

    Housing? Retirement? There's new Tonic Housing Association Tonic is a community-led not for profit organisation. We are focused on creating vibrant and inclusive urban LGBT+ affirming retirement communities where people can share common experiences, find mutual...
  5. naomi faith

    Hi Im looking for friendship with other cd tv ts in London UK, not with admirers. I'm bi

    Hi Im looking for friendship with other cd tv ts in London UK, not with admirers. I'm bi
  6. naomi faith


    regular almost daily stretches, aerobic/weights exercises, cycling, walking upstairs, avoiding a sedate life, being lucky enough to not have to own a car, avoid alcohol and smoking and drugs, get some sleep. I still like cake and chocolate and have a bit of a spare tyre
  7. naomi faith

    First time anal!

    relax. compare how you were given a prostate exam, one I have was so pleasurable I had to stop myself from moaning. avoid Poppers unless you want to destroy your lungs
  8. naomi faith


    Hep A - one jab Hep B - up to 3 jabs a month apart hPv - one jab monkey pox - 2 jabs a month apart if you suspect you have been infected with HIV within the last 72 hours, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medicine may stop you becoming infected. PEP must be started within 72 hours of coming into...
  9. naomi faith

    Best bisexual experience or fantasy!

    most of my fantasys are about going into a womens clothes store as a man, saying I want to wear lace lingerie to an attractive shop assistant and she says “you would look good in this”. We choose lace lingerie and I ask for a dress and a skirt and blouse and shoes. Again she says “you would look...
  10. naomi faith

    Your Naughtiest Experience!

    As a male, I was picked up by 2 men in Heaven London UK, had a 3sum at their hotel Again at Heaven, a man gave me a blow job just off the dancefloor, didnt ask, just did it. Women were watching. We had proper bedroom sex later
  11. naomi faith

    Straight Women's Attraction!

    When I buy womens clothes in shops I am in draB. Mostly I find female shop assistants helpful, they need sales but I suspect they welcome a variety of customers. I have had one gf who was attracted to me because I crossdress. Others I have told before or during our relationships. Some cd tv's...
  12. naomi faith

    Can bisexuals like trans people?

    Im bi and a cd tv. So Pansexual?
  13. naomi faith

    When do you know "you were transgender"?

    As a boy I knew I liked female clothes, I have grown to not care why. I havent been a bad looking man, Ive had hetero relationships with girlfriends and a little gay experience up until my mid 20s, dressing emerged once or twice. Then I was bi and in those years I met people in real life and...
  14. naomi faith

    Insane for being trans

    an online friend says It is not good to be a transvestite in Hungary. They are considered pedophiles. This is outrageous It is outrageous. Sometimes the lunatics have taken over the asylum
  15. naomi faith

    where is the best place to fly

    dont fly, too polluting
  16. naomi faith

    Hi from Naiomi Faith, tv cd in London UK

    Hi Im looking for friendship with other cd tv ts in London UK, not with admirers. I'm bi

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