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    How to help a loved one that has Schizophrenia?

    It's lovely that you support your family members struggling with schizophrenia. Living with someone with a mental illness can be challenging, but the right approach and support can be a positive experience for everyone involved. Here are some suggestions for how to handle this situation...
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    Best gender confirmation surgery (GCS) surgeons?

    Who are the best gender confirmation surgery (GCS) surgeons for transgender women, in your opinion?
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    What was Your Feeling?

    Well, mentally, it feels fantastic! When I look at myself in the mirror, I can see the girl I feel like. I feel confident in myself. I can wear the clothes I want; there are no worries about discovery. I can be intimate with a man the way I should be. Of course, I also feel vulnerable in a very...
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    Hello from Joseph

    Hello Joseph, Welcome to the board.
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    A person has a right to date, not date, or stop dating a person using whatever criteria they choose. You may not like the reason. This doesn't matter; quite frankly, it is none of your business. Attraction is highly personal. What turns people on or off is highly subjective. The same goes for...
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    The cheapest way to Transition!

    What’s the cheapest way to transition?
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    Transgender Women find True Love!

    How common is it for mature transgender women to find their true love?
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    Insane for being trans

    You are not insane. Or, if you are insane, being trans is unrelated.
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    Issues of the LGBTQ community!

    What issues do you see within the LGBTQ community?
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    Do you shave or leave it hairy?

    Are you clean-shaven, trimmed, or hairy?
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    Your age, you had gender confirmation surgery!

    How old were you when you had gender confirmation surgery?
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    Trans Mental Health!

    Why do people believe that transgender people are mentally ill? What is the best way for a transgender person to maintain good mental health?
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    When do you know "you were transgender"?

    When and how did you figure out that you were transgender?
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    Queer but Straight?

    Can someone be queer but straight?
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    Are Transgender People Accepted?

    More, for the most part, than in the past. Nowhere near enough when it comes to TRUE acceptance. The day when, as Alina alluded to, the 'trans' part is dropped, and ALL recognize us as just people.
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    Transgender Equality!

    Transgender men and women often face discrimination, bigotry and hatred from their families, friends and coworkers. These harsh reactions usually stem from fear and a fundamental misunderstanding of the transgender community. By being an ally and showing support for transgender people, you are...
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    Why is LGBT Pride Day celebrated on June 28?

    June 28th is the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. 50 years ago, Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a tavern in New York City. Back then, police regularly raided gay establishments and arrested anyone who had a certain percentage of the opposite sex clothing on. These people were acting...
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    How come out as trans!

    I personally came out after a lot of emotional turmoil as my dad had always said a lot of transphobic things that made it terrifying to think about coming out as trans. There are a lot of ways to get out. Some are definitely better than others. One thing that I would be sure of before coming...
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    Keto Diet!

    Does a keto diet increase sex drive?
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    Identify as transgender!

    Can young children really identify as transgender?

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