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    Man Time!

    Being trans is tough. But there’s plenty to laugh about too!
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    LGBTQ Art History!

    I like Frank Markham Skipworth (1854-1929). A Roman Holiday. 1889.
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    Mental Health Services!

    Why are Mental Health Services essential?
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    Am I Allowed?

    You absolutely can bottom surgery and not be transgender. It's your body, do what you feel is best.
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    How is 'queer' different from 'gay'?

    Well, the word queers, some people use this word as a placeholder while trying to figure out their complicated sexuality and sometimes gender identity. Sometimes people will describe themselves as queer after sexual attraction and romantic interest doesn’t match. Yes, some people are...
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    Do children know when they are transgender?
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    Are Transgender People Accepted?

    Are transgender people accepted more nowadays?
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    Transgender Equality!

    Why is transgender equality important?
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    How come out as trans!

    How should you come out as trans? I wish I could give you a simple answer but I cannot because I do not know everyone around you and I do not know you. The problem is coming out as a person of transgender experience is a very personal journey. The journey is full of pitfalls, snares, traps...
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    Come out as LGBTQ!

    What made you decide that you wanted to come out as LGBTQ?
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    Identify as transgender!

    I know that at least for me and a few other people I know who are trans, I've always known. I think the first time I realized I felt like a boy I was probably 5 or 6. Sure, I didn't have the language to fully understand what I felt, but I knew. I wouldn't say that's the case for all trans people...
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    Transgender Identity!

    I think so. I have frequently been attacked by trans activists and called a transphobe (a meaningless term by the way denoting someone who simply disagrees with them). But I do believe the term transgender is an entirely legitimate gender identity. It identifies someone born with the physical...
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    Sex every day is fun?

    Is daily sex good for health?
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    Health Insurance!

    The hormonal treatments used for contraception are also used for other conditions. Denying coverage for them would interfere with other health care. Athletics is “just for fun”. Should we deny health care for this? Babies are expensive. Unwanted babies tend to have bad outcomes for society...
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    "Sexual orientation" vs. "Gender identity"

    “Gender” is either masculine or feminine. Biologically, you are either male or female. Then there are cultural issues, where this behavior is considered masculine while that behavior is considered feminine. Gender identity is complex, to put it mildly. “Sexual orientation” involves who you...
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    Meet Trans Women?

    Like you would any woman, dating sites/apps (There are trans-specific apps but I do not use them because I don’t want that, and there is a lot of catfish on those so be careful), at local places, etc. On social media, some may be more willing to meet the man who seeks us out specifically...
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    Health benefits of Beer?

    I can say of course because consuming in huge quantities makes you out of senses. You probably thank me for beer in search of great friendship, girlfriend, memorable moments, or for your freaky dance moves. Coming to the main topic, how much beer is enough for your good health? Pros: Lowers...
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    Hot transgender woman!

    It has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is you ‘pass’ well and people are less prone to ridicule you. The disadvantage is that you are considered an object to most, only good for (experimental) sex, something to cross-check for the bucket list. The problems you face for being...
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    Are you Top, bottom, or versatile?

    As a transgender woman, are you a top, bottom, or versatile?
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    Transexual Date a trans woman!

    It’s the same as dating any other woman. The best way to handle it is to be open. Learn her story, ask her questions and get to know her. Be honest about who you are and what you like. If you don’t feel comfortable telling people, you’re dating a trans woman, that’s ok. But if you’re in a...

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