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  1. Sailormoon

    Without Underwear!

    I actually hate wearing underwear if I can get away with not wearing then you bet your ass Im not. lol
  2. Sailormoon


    Hi Diane, a pleasure to meet you!! I think the forum is fairly new so it might take some time however with that said I've been able to connect with some lovely people already and communicate. Would be nice to be part of this growing community sending everyone tons of positive vibes on this day
  3. Sailormoon


    Welcome you beautiful soul ❤️
  4. Sailormoon

    LGBTQ: Aim to make it easier to change gender in Wales.

    Now, how exciting is this ! everyone deserves a family regardless of their gender. Congrats to the beautiful couple!
  5. Sailormoon

    Hello from Ashley

    Hi Ashley! Nice to meet you and welcome my friend ❤️
  6. Sailormoon


    appreciate you 🙏
  7. Sailormoon


    Well said. It's super unfortunate to see this in today's age. My kid's teachers sent home a letter recently due to a few incidents in their school. unfortunately, a few students ganged up on others and bullied them with name-calling and abuse. It ended up in physical abuse as well, and...
  8. Sailormoon


    Why do many people deny homophobia is a serious issue in our society?
  9. Sailormoon

    new to here

    hi everyone! nice to meet you. I look forward to connecting with you all 💗

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