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    Signs of Depression!

    I can provide you with some common warning signs that people who experience depression may notice when they are about to slip back into a depressive episode: Loss of interest in activities: You may lose interest in activities that you used to enjoy, such as hobbies or socializing. Changes in...
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    Biggest Mistake or Regret?

    What have you regretted the most in your life?
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    When and how?

    I first realized I felt differently about the boys in my class than the girls, and other boys didn’t, at about 8. From about 11 or 12, I realized it was a sexual attraction. I’m a gay man, and I always knew I was only sexually attracted to men. It’s just that simple. Admitting it and coming out...
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    Gay Q about first time anal

    It depends on what is going to happen. Apart from a thorough shower with lots of soap and hot water (something I recommend for anyone engaging in intimate body contact with another person, gay or straight), if I'm not planning to have butt sex with my boyfriend, then I'm done. If anal sex is...
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    What made it so special to you?

    The most beautiful thing I have seen during a storm or snowfall is how the world becomes so quiet and still. It's like everything is blanketed in a layer of softness, and all you can hear is the gentle sound of the snow falling. It's a moment of peace amid the world's chaos, and always so...
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    Hate Women?

    Why do some people think gay men hate all women?
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    Hello all

    Welcome, #Herper, Enjoy this lovely community.
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    Favourite time for sex!

    Any time that we both are in the mood, have the time, and are in surroundings where it would not be inappropriate. Looking back, there is probably not any hour of the day when I have not had sex if the above criteria are met, although there are some times when it would be more common than others.
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    Are most gay men feminine?
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    What is it like to be gay?

    I am gay and I think gay men are just the same as straight men, except for their sexual orientation. We love games, the outdoors, adventures, beers and other things straight men love. We can be each other friends as well. If we want, we can meet other gay men on gay dating apps, just like those...
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    Eat too much food at once!

    Overeating food at once can lead to several adverse effects on your health. Some of the most common products include the following: Indigestion: Overeating food at once can strain your digestive system, causing discomfort, bloating, and gas. It can also cause acid reflux, when stomach acid...
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    Gay Marriage!

    It's a marriage. Why would you have to say a Ford or a Chevrolet car when you're talking about cars? We already have a fully functional and appropriate word for that. Why do we need to create a second word? If there is a different word common in English that we could use, I still don't...
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    Queer vs. Gay!

    Being gay means explicitly that you are attracted to a person of the same gender as you. That definition can get a little sketchy when you take in non-binary people and the like, but that’s the general definition. Queer means, generally, that you’re just a person on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. So...
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    Fear of growing old alone!

    I think everyone fears that. However, gay men (or anyone who is not trapped in society’s customary roles of the biological family) do have the opportunity to create an “intentional family” of friends, ex-lovers, lovers, and other people in the community. The gay men I know who are older have a...
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    Thought of doing surgery?

    No, because I’m gay, not trans. I am happy to have been born male, I will admit I sometimes envy women in their capacity to get pregnant and the fact that they can hold their male partner’s hand in public without any risk of being the target of hate-motivated violence (granted, I am aware that...
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    How can someone stop their sexual orientation OCD?

    Saying it out loud, even if you only do it alone.
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    Heyy! Happy to meet you all

    Hey, nice to meet you Sasha <3
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    Gay and Lesbian!

    Of course, he loves us all! He wants you to obey him. God made us be able to make our own choices. If you choose to defy him then that would be your choice, but bad decisions have harmful consequences, don't they? We are here to spread God's word that Heaven is honest, and so is Hell. Accept the...
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    Experience with a Family Member?

    Have you had a gay experience with a family member?
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    Is the labeling of sexual orientation senseless?

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