All of the Gender Identities!

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There are a lot of grey areas here! First of all, gender is a spectrum, and there is not a fixed amount of gender identities. You can be anywhere from fully male to entirely female, anywhere in between, not even on the spectrum at all, or even feeling like multiple identities.


Here are the meanings of some standard labels, although there is nothing wrong with unlabeled people, and there are many more labels than I’m going to list:

Agender - defined as not having a gender. Some gender-neutral people describe it as having a “lack of gender,” while others describe themselves as gender-neutral.
Genderfluid - Genderfluid people have different gender identities at other times.
Demigirl - Someone who partially identifies with being female.
Demiboy - Someone who partially identifies with being male.

There are many more labels, too! I hope this helps.

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