How do I tell?

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As a lesbian, it’s easy for people to tell there is something up with me and my love interest. It’s an emotion that can’t be explained. The beauty of a lesbian lies in her heart and mind. I always catch the guy's attention, but who I love, I am at a loss for words. I can’t move; I can’t speak. I get nervous. I love natural beauty. What I like is what lies inside a person.

Their soul. When it comes to girls, I tend to make some woman doubt and straight men pursue me because of my charisma, But I choose only one in a billion, the one that balances out with me like a chemistry equation. When that person is chosen, I don’t let her go. I do anything in my power to make her happy. When I find out she is straight or tells me she is, I respect that boundary and draw a line. I am civilized about it. My brother told me something I will never forget. It’s easy to tell when a man is interested in another man. But for lesbians, it’s far more complex. We are rare unicorn creatures that are super hard to figure out. But you bet I would do anything to make you happy if you have my attention, even if it’s not with me.

How do you tell there is a lesbian couple in the room:
  1. An Awe feeling it’s magical
  2. It's sexy; it’s emotional
  3. It's scarce for gay couples.
  4. Lesbians have empowerment and a voice.
  5. If you are not a lesbian, carry on, my friend, you're not invited.

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