How is 'queer' different from 'gay'?

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Well, the word queers, some people use this word as a placeholder while trying to figure out their complicated sexuality and sometimes gender identity. Sometimes people will describe themselves as queer after sexual attraction and romantic interest doesn’t match. Yes, some people are romantically attracted to men but are sexually attracted to women. Or the reverse of that, romantically attracted to women but sexually attracted to men and these people might use queer to describe that instinctive behaviour about them, or they’re not too sure if they can call themselves gay or straight through, they called themselves queer.

So, the big difference between queer and gay would be gay is very simply someone who is sexually and romantically attracted to the same gender, and queer could be a placeholder. In contrast, someone has to figure themselves out for their sexual and romantic attraction don’t line up. Still, at the same time, someone who is gay might not like the term because they were bullied a lot during childhood with the word gay and they might prefer to label themselves as queer even though they are just simply a gay, as in homosexual or homo romantic.

You could use the word queer to describe my sexuality specifically, but I wouldn’t because I understand exactly what I’m into. I’m bisexual, but I have a thing for femininity, and other traits that I look for in any romantic partner are easier to find in women. So, unless you didn’t know that I was bisexual, you may mistake me for some sort of “queer lesbian”. Or maybe I am a queer bisexual because I prefer women even though I’m not strictly lesbian.

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