The cheapest way to Transition!

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In absolute theoretical terms. The cheapest way would be if you were diagnosed with gender dysphoria from an incredibly young age, and then you just let your parents handle your gender transition. You live in a country where medical gender transition is under health insurance or, better yet, is supported under Universal social healthcare so that you would get it for free, and the total cost would be practically free. Even if you’re paying for health insurance, you’re paying for the health insurance you would’ve had anyway, regardless of whether you would be paying that, and it’s just covered.
If you’re looking for the cheapest way as an adult, then the most affordable way would be theoretical terms. If you were a transgender man transitioning from female to male, what you were doing is slowly selling your woman’s clothes for men’s clothes because you’ll be able to sell your women’s clothes for a much more profitable price, even if you’re selling a few things at a loss, you’ll still make more money and buying men’s clothes you can still get something quite lovely for relatively cheap. This is a downside to living as a woman's clothes are, on average, more expensive.

So, gender transition with close alone, and you don’t have to bother with any legal work. Then you only transition with a change of name. That’s how you do it the cheapest way; it will still have some associated costs for them to live and buy new clothes and things. But as I said, you might make a little profit, but you would still have some initial cost to buy new clothes first and then sell your old clothes.

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