How Accepting Your Family!

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Amazingly so! I have talked with my mother about being a girl for as long as I can remember.

When I was about eight years old, she bought me a party dress which I wore to a couple of birthday parties - many of the girls at school accepted me as one of them.

By 14 or so, I dressed as a girl most evenings and weekends. My father was more hesitant, but my mother and my older brother were supportive. My brother was very protective of me in public.

For my 15th birthday, my mother took me lingerie shopping, and at 16, I started on hormones. My father gave me jewellery for Christmas that year, so he was finally inside.

They helped with finances when it became time for my plumbing alterations and were with me throughout the process.

I have been fortunate to have total support, and I am eternally grateful.

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